AH-1 Whole House Air Purifier

AH-1 Whole House Air Purifier
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Introducing air+health.

The AH-1 is a Do-It-Yourself air purifier kit. The AH-1 is designed to be mounted in the duct work of any forced-air heating and cooling system. The UVC germicidal lamp continuously attacks airborne mold, bacteria, and viruses as they circulate through the duct work of your home. Plus the AH-1 has the added benefit—when mounted over or under the AC coil—of cleaning the AC coil by keeping it clean of organic toxins.


Comfort & Health

  • Sterilizes and neutralizes most airborne contaminants
  • Helps reduce asthma and allergy irritants
  • Does not produce ozone

Save on Energy Costs

  • Energy efficient, low energy consumption
  • Keeps AC coil free from organic toxins
  • Enables AC to work more efficiently


  • Plugs into a standard 120 Volt outlet
  • Compact design to fit in tight spaces
  • Built-in twist and lock safety switch
  • Easy and simple lamp replacement
  • Includes all the parts required for installation


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